Junior/Senior High School Preparation Program

SACLI’s Junior / Senior High School Preparation Program (HSPP) is designed for low intermediate to Intermediate students planning to enter high school in Canada. Students in this program will develop the language skills, social skills, critical thinking skills, cultural knowledge and confidence to succeed in a Canadian high school.
Age of Participants: 13-17
Program Length: 6 weeks
Date July 20 – Aug 28
Class Size: Maximum of 15 students per class
Hours of Instruction: 25 hours per week

Program Focus:

  • Communicating effectively in most situations that arise in daily life
  • Identifying errors in communication and clarifying meaning
  • Understanding speech spoken at a near native speaker speed
  • Feeling comfortable meeting and talking with Canadians as well as people from other cultures
  • Giving short presentations using Microsoft Word and Power Point
  • Understanding and using simple and progressive forms of past, present, and future tenses
  • Using common phrasal verbs and idioms
  • Using modal verbs to express ability, permission, and advice
  • Using context clues to improve reading comprehension
  • Identifying main ideas and supporting details in written texts
  • Distinguishing between fact and opinion
  • Summarizing speeches and written texts
  • Thinking critically and organizing ideas into outlines
  • Writing well-organized opinion and descriptive paragraphs