Become a Homestay Family



Fill out the Online Application Form
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How Do I Become a Homestay Family?

  • Complete and submit the Homestay Application Form, including all family information, hobbies, interests etc.
  • Your home will be visited for assessment to ensure it meets the requirements of our program and to be photographed for our records.
  • Complete a police record check.
  • Students will be matched with your home, based on availability, hobbies, interests, etc.

What’s In It For You?

  • Meet people from around the world.
  • Learn about different cultures.
  • Learn new customs.
  • Introduce students to Canadian culture.
  • Extend your family and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Homestay Terms & Conditions

Please review the terms and conditions of the Homestay Program at Study Abroad Canada College:

  1. Provide room and board for students (1 student per room, unless otherwise requested).
  2. The room should have basic furniture which includes a bed, a closet, a desk or study table, a chair, and good lighting in each of the student’s rooms. Other requirements include a functional smoke alarm in the bedroom or hallway, a mattress pad and a pillow protector.
  3. The room(s) provided will be for the duration of the homestay period. Should a room change be necessary, please notify SACLI.
  4. Provide each student with a house key or code.
  5. Provide three healthy meals a day. Snacks should be available to students at any time.Additionally, each student will be provided with:
    · Use of laundry facilities
    · Daily transportation to and from SACLI
    · Airport pick-up and drop-off SACLI will call to inform you of your student’s arrival time. Please pick up a welcome kit from SACLI office the week prior to the arrival of the student. If this is not possible, please contact us to make other arrangements.
  6. Please speak English when the students are present. This may be difficult at first, until the students become more comfortable with the language.
  7. SACLI is not responsible for long distance phone calls made by students or for any other expenses incurred while students stay with you.
  8. Please contact SACLI if difficulties arise. Our staff members are available to assist with any concerns that might occur.
  9. Please do not request students to babysit for you, or request students to do housework for you apart from keeping their room clean and tidying up the bathroom after use.
  10. SACLI’s aim is to provide learners and homestay families with an enjoyable experience.
  11. Homestay families will receive remuneration for this service.