Private Classes

Private classes are available for students who wish to pursue individual intensive language studies or core school content (K-12). Students undergo an extensive assessment process and are matched with qualified tutors, many of whom are certified teachers. The one-on-one interaction in a tutoring session promotes a positive learning environment.
Class size: one-on-one
Length of sessions: 50 minutes
Language Content: Accent reduction/pronunciation, business English, academic writing, listening & speaking, reading, grammar, or test preparation (TOEFL, TOEIC, or CanTEST).
Public School Content: Tutoring is available for any courses taught in the public school system including English, mathematics, sciences, social studies and French. In addition, we offer study skills enhancement, homework assistance, and course advancement.

Why choose SACLI’s Private Classes?

  • Students receive extra language support.
  • Qualified tutors work either on a wide spectrum of language studies or on a specific problem area.
  • Students receive extra help in core subjects, following the provincial curriculum.
  • Tutors provide a customized learning plan that meets the needs of individual students.
  • SACLI is a locally owned business, centrally located in downtown Charlottetown.
  • Customized tutoring schedules available.